where i work we rent out a variety of buildings and to make a long story short i’m going to hell

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In other news, this is one of my favorite Twitter happenings to date. 

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the best moment in tv history

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Sei being a cutie with his cotton candy o´ω`o 

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Breaking The Male Code: After Steubenville, A Call To Action

 (Left to Right): Peter Buffett, Jimmie Briggs, Joe Ehrmann, Tony Porter,
 Dave Zirin and Moderator Eve Ensler.

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do u ever hear an anime op from something you watched a long time ago and you can feel ur middle school self rising from the depths 

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me graduating

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Dagged (adj.)

  • Sleeves that have a series of decorative patterns, such as scallops, leaf shapes, etc.


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everyone you’ve ever loved has said some problematic shit: a novel 

you have also said some problematic shit: the sequel

having said problematic shit does not necessarily make you or anyone else a bad person, just be aware of it, don’t say it again, and don’t make fucking excuses for people who continue to say problematic shit: the thrilling conclusion

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Aaron Paul photographed by Prakash Shroff for Flaunt #136

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the greatest horse in all of animation history

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This whole bit is made all the funnier by knowing that all of the guards were just random extras who weren’t told what was going to happen only that they weren’t allowed laugh at any cost as they wouldn’t be payed if they did.

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